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Become a Member of CERA or Renew Your Membership

The Central Electric Railfans' Association depends on contributions from members like you to be able to put on the one-of-a-kind programs and publications it does throughout the course of the year.

Membership entitles you to receive CERA's books as a benefit of membership based on the year or years of membership required for the given book, as well as to purchase additional books at the special membership discount rate. All CERA members get free admission to our monthly program meetings. 

You may also choose to donate to CERA. Many of our kind and generous members add a donation to their mailed-in renewals, and we thank them. You can now donate electronically as well. Simply click on the button above or here to donate.

Basic Membership Facts

  • Each membership year is a simple calendar year.
  • All members, regardless of class of membership, receive a book published by the organization for that year (usually published the year after its designated membership year).
  • Some books are two year books, meaning that the member had to have been a paid member for the specified two years to receive the book.
  • You can become a member online, by pressing the payment button at the bottom of this page, or you can print out a membership form and mail it to us with your check. We will send your membership card to you.

Types of Memberships

Active Membership - $50 level


  • Bulletin (book) when issued for that membership year
  • Discounted book purchase rates for past CERA publications
  • Notice of all regularly scheduled and special programs/meetings (10 a year)
  • Notice of all fan/inspection trips
  • Right to run for Board and serve on the Board if elected
  • Right to elect Board members
  • Right to serve on committees
  • Right to vote on amendments to the bylaws and any other matters to come before the Active membership

Contributing/Sustaining Memberships

Contributing membership - $95-184 level
Sustaining membership - $185 level (or more)

Contributing and Sustaining members have the same rights and receive the same benefits as Active members. They help support CERA through their higher dues. The portion of those higher dues beyond the Active Membership level is deductible for income tax purposes as provided by law. Contributing and Sustaining members are further recognized by having their names published annually in the report to the membership.

Canadian and International Memberships

Please note: Due to increased postage costs to mail our annual entitlement book internationally, there is a $30 surcharge for Canadian members and a $50 surcharge for International Active members.

Two Ways to Become a Member or Renew Your Membership!

2. By Mail (for US memberships only paying by check)

Note: Please use this form if you are a Contributing or Sustaining Member and you are making a donation above and beyond your membership dues.

Print out a membership form and mail us your member dues: 2024_CERA_Membership Renewal Form.pdf 

Then, fill it out, enclose check or money order to "CERA" and send it to:

CERA (Membership)
P.O. Box 503
Chicago IL 60690

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Central Electric Railfans' Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  P.O. Box 503, Chicago, IL  60690

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