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CERA's Fourth Friday In-Person/Zoom Hybrid Program: Streetcars of Lafayette and Logansport, Indiana

  • Friday, November 24, 2023
  • 7:00 PM
  • In-Person Clubroom of 899 S. Plymouth Court, Chicago

Join our Nov. 24 Members Meeting
In Person or on Zoom

Streetcars of Lafayette and Logansport, Ind.

Presented by William M Shapotkin
Friday, November 24, 2023 At 7:00 p.m. (CST)
899 S. Plymouth Ct., Chicago
Via Zoom: A link has been emailed to all current members in good standing. 


Mention either Lafayette or Logansport, Ind. to any railfan and immediately visions of railroading begin.

In the case of Logansport, images of "a Pennsy town" come up. Numerous lines of the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Panhandle" radiated out of town in literally all four directions.

A large shop facility (a portion of same still intact and in-service today) existed there (and we will even take a quick look at same).

In the case of Lafayette, images of the MONON's operation in the city streets and its massive shop
operation (which, after WWII rebuilt U S Army Hospital Cars into Coaches, Diners and Lounge Cars)
come to mind.

Maybe the "Big Four" station of the Nickel Plate/New York Central (the building still  used by Amtrak today) comes to mind. If you are not rail oriented, then perhaps the Perdue "Boilermakers" come to mind -- a name originating with the fact that at one-time numerous employees at the MONON steam shop played on the football team there (hence the name).

Tonight we will turn on "The Wayback Machine" for a look at the one-time streetcar (and a quick look
at modern-day bus) operations of both cities.

Historian William Shapotkin will take us out on the town via streetcar, to give us a look at what once awaiting transit riders in both locations. We will even take at look at the long-forgotten Perdue Interurban Test Car and get a glimpse of it as it exists today (yes, it DOES exist)!

Of course, we will travel by rail to visit both of these locations (and return home as well).
If you are a member, but did not receive the link to this program, please email us at ceraoffice@gmail.com

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