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Minutes of first two CERA meetings

These early meeting minutes are provided out of historical interest for our members.


First Meeting: October 14th, 1938

The first meeting of the Central Electric Railfans' Association was held in a Chicago South Shore & South Bend RR passenger car in the CSS&SB Randolph St. terminal on October 14, 1938 at 7:30 P.M.

Movies started the meeting. The movies were taken at [sic] shown by member George Krambles, and were of electric railways George had visited during the 1938 season. Most interesting to many present were the pictures taken of the initial CERA electric fan trip on the Valparaiso line of the Gary railways on May 1st 1938, and those of the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee fan trip made in June. Other roads shown were: Texas Electric; Oklahoma Rys; Indiana RR; Illinois Terminal Co., and the Union Electric Ry.

Following the movies, George Krambles addressed the group as to the purposes of the CERA. His address was followed by a general discussion as to dues etc., and it was decided to wait until the November meeting to come to some conclusion as to the membership dues.

The coming Chicago Surface Lines fan trip was discussed and presented to the group by Mr. John Brown. A vote was taken as to how many would make this trip, and practically everyone present responded in the affirmative.

A trip over the Valparaiso line was also discussed, and it was decided that on account of lack of time prevented a formal trip, a number of fans would make the farewell tour on the following Sunday in one of the regular cars.

Meeting adjourned: # present - 35


Minutes of Second Meeting

Second Meeting: November 11, 1938 (Armistice Day)

The second meeting of the CERA was held Friday, November 11th, 1938 in a car of the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee RR on a stub track at the Wilson Ave. station at 7:30 P.M. Preceding the meeting proper a dinner was held in a CNS&M dining car provided for the CERA next to the car in which the meeting was to be held. Over 25 fans enjoyed their dinner, while observing commuters returning home on the “L".

Movies by member George Krambles opened the meeting. The movies were on the following electrics: Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee; Gary Railways; Milwaukee Electric and Wisconsin Power & Light Co. Particularly interesting to the fans were the movies of the North Shore fan trip.

Three five minute talks followed the movies. B.L. Stone spoke on North Shore Signals and Train Operation; Harold Odinius on North Shore Rolling Stock; and Robert Konsbruck on Equipment and Power of the North Shore Line. The models presented by H. Odinius in his talk was particularly interesting to the fans assembled.

CERA business discussion was next on the program. It was decided that membership in the CERA was to be $1.00 a year. This was to cover cost of mailing notices, membership cards and general club expenses but did not include bulletins published by CERA. Members were to obtain these at reduced prices, however.

Meeting adjourned: Number present--39

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