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CERA’s “Spirit of 76″

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 2:27 PM | Ed Graziano (Administrator)

This is CERA’s 76th year, and we decided to do something special to show our Members that we still have the “Spirit of ’76.” Therefore, Central Electric Railfans’ Association is proud to announce the availability, starting August 1st, of our first 76 Bulletins plus bonus features on a DVD data disc. You asked for it, and now we’re giving it to you!


Our new “Spirit of 76″ collection brings together in one place, for the very first time, each and every publication from CERA’s first 10 years, covering 1938 through 1947. We intend this to be but the first in a series of such Archives releases, gradually making all out-of-print CERA bulletins available once again. Our publications gradually evolved from just a few pages to the book-length works of today, and the Spirit of 76captures the flavor and excitement of a bygone era, when the world was young and trolley cars were running practically everywhere.

This follows on the heels of our very successful Complete ERHS Collection DVD disc, released a few months ago. Like that disc, this one can be used on any computer that has a DVD drive. Files are in .PDF format, and can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.

The Bonus Features include all the Trolley Sparks publications from our first 10 years that were issued with their own numbering system, separate from other CERA bulletins. We have even managed to track down a few of the 11 issues of Trolley Sparks that were put out by Barney Neuberger in 1944-45, predating its involvement with CERA. You can read more about the early history of Trolley Sparks here.

The “Spirit of 76″ DVD costs just $29.95, which includes shipping within the United States, making it an incredible bargain. International shipping costs just $7.50. You can order a copy online using PayPal or a credit/debit card, or send us a check. Why not reserve your copy today?

Today, more than ever, we all need the “Spirit of ’76!”

-Your CERA Board of Directors

Here is a list of the first 76 CERA Bulletins, topics covered, and the dates they were issued:

B-1 Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee RR 11/38
B-2 Chicago Rapid Transit Co, Metropolitan Division 02/39
B-3 Chicago & West Towns Railways 04/39
B-4 Chicago South Shore and South Bend RR 06/39
B-5 Chicago Aurora & Elgin RR Roster 06/39
B-6 The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Transport Co., Roster 09/39
B-7 Annual Report of CERA for 1939 11/39
B-8 Northern Indiana Railway 12/39
B-9 Windsor, Essex & Lake Shore Cars 01/40
B-10 Texas Interurban Railway Cars 01/40
B-11 Key System Articulated Cars 02/40
B-12 Hudson Valley Railway 03/40
B-13 CNS&M RR, Modernized Car 742 03/40
B-14 Illinois Central RR, Electric Suburban 05/40
B-15 Western Ohio Railway Car 41 05/40
B-16 Des Moines Railway Car 702 06/40
B-17 Indiana Railroad System 09/40
B-18 Indianapolis Railway 100-Series Cars 09/40
B-19 Annual Report of CERA for 1940 11/40
B-20 Cincinnati & Lake Erie Car 202 01/41
B-21 Indiana Railroad RPO Cars 375-377 01/41
B-22 CNS&M RR, Electroliners 801-804 02/41
B-23 An Interurban Goes Modern 03/41
B-24 Trenton-Princeton Traction Co. 05/41
B-25 Columbus, Delaware & Marion Car 500 05/41
B-26 Seashore Electric Railway 06/41
B-27 Chicago Surface Lines Roster 07/41
B-28 Illinois Terminal RR, Class D Locomotive 09/41
B-29 CERA Official Car 300 09/41
B-30 Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction 11/41
B-31 Annual Report of CERA for 1941 11/41
B-32 Map of Traction Lines, Central States 01/42
B-33 Dayton & Western Traction Co, 1931 Timetable 01/42
B-34 Springfield (Ill) Transportation Co. 01/42
B-35 Cincinnati & Lake Erie Cars 110-129 03/42
B-36 Clinton, Davenport & Muscatine Ry 03/42
B-37 Piedmont & Northern Ry. Locomotive 5611 05/42
B-38 Roby & Northern Railroad 06/42
B-39 Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Locomotives 06/42
B-40 Jamestown, Westfield & North Western RR 09/42
B-41 Modernization of South Shore Line Car 15 09/42
B-42 Album of Northern Indiana – Southern Michigan Rys. 11/42
B-43 Annual Report of CERA for 1942 11/42
B-44 Interurbans of Western New York State 03/43
B-45 “El Viento”, Los Angeles-Pacific Co. 05/43
B-46 Marion Railways (Indiana) 05/43
B-47 Galveston-Houston Electric Railway 05/43
B-48 Roster of Lehigh Valley Transit Co. 11/43
B-49 Annual Report of CERA for 1943 11/43
B-50 East Erie Commercial RR. 03/44
B-51 Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Ry. Car 120 07/44
B-52 Public Timetable, Lake Shore Electric Railway, 1937 07/44
B-53 Springfield (Ohio) Suburban Railroad 07/44
B-54 Emblems of Electric Railways 07/44
B-55 Album of Illinois Traction Cars 270-271 09/44
B-56 Joint Issue with Interurban New Letter 09/44
B-57 History of Double Deck Electric Ry. Cars 11/44
B-58 Annual Report of CERA for 1944 11/44
B-59 Timetables, Electric Railways of the Central States 01/45
B-60 Album of Springfield, Troy & Piqua Ry. 05/45
B-61 Album of Early Terre Haute Electric Cars 05/45
B-62 Union Traction Company of Indiana 11/45
B-63 Union Traction Company of Indiana Roster 12/45
B-64 Chicago, Aurora and Elgin RR and Its New Cars 08/46
B-65 Aroostook Valley Railroad Co. 11/46
B-66 Air Line Remembrances; Hershey Transit Co. 02/47
B-67 Holiday in Lancaster; Chautauqua Traction Co. 03/47
B-68 Cars of the North Shore Line 04/47
B-69 Texas Electric Ry.; Kewanee & Galva Ry. 04/47
B-70 Indianapolis Traction Terminal: Little Rock, AR 05/47
B-71 Princeton-Bluefield Interurban; The Harmony Route 06/47
B-72 Fort Collins Municipal Ry; Georgia Power Co. 07/47
B-73 PCC Equipment for Chicago “L” 08/47
B-74 Oklahoma Railway Lines 09/47
B-75 Montreal & Southern Counties Ry. 10/47
B-76 The South Shore Line 12/47

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