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CERA Used Book Exchange - List #6

Wednesday, August 06, 2014 2:17 PM | Ed Graziano (Administrator)

Here is our sixth list of used books for sale. We had previously written about the CERA Used Book Exchange here.  Copies of List #6 and an order form have been mailed to all current CERA Members.

Used books, donated by our members, are being sold to raise money to help fund CERA programs and services. Since we are a 501(c)(3) organization, such donations may be tax deductible. Do you have used traction books that you no longer need? If so, why not donate them to the CERA Used Book Exchange? We thank our donors.

HOW TO ORDER – You can pay by check through the mail using this form, or online using PayPal or acredit/debit card. Please do not send your credit card information through the mail. As items are sold or added, we will update the online version of the list here.

As books are sold, we will cross them out on the online list, like this. You can download and print out a copy of List #6 here.

You can also contact the CERA Office by telephone at 312-987-4391. If we are not available, leave a message and we will get back to you.

To order books online, drop us a line at ceraoffice@gmail.com and CERA will e-mail you back an invoice that you can pay using PayPal or a debit/credit card.

All sales are final. Used books are sold without warranty or guarantee. No haggling or quantity discounts- the items here are priced to move. Please do not ask us to put items on “hold” for you. Books will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Current (2014) CERA Members in the United States get FREE SHIPPING. Other Domestic buyers pay $5 Shipping and Handling per book ($3 for the ERHS bulletins). International shipping is available by special request. Contact us and we will work up a quote based on actual cost.

Books are graded as ExcellentGoodFair, or Poor. Significant damage is noted, where observed. Some amount of normal wear is to be expected in books that are “of a certain age.”

When using the mail-in form, in the unlikely event of an overpayment, if a book you want is no longer available, please indicate whether you would prefer a refund, or a credit that can be applied to a future purchase. If you send your order by mail, keep a copy of the form for your records.

Please note: Illinois residents must include 9.25% sales tax with payment.

CERA Used Book Exchange List #6 (Updated as of August 21, 2014)

Stock # Description Publisher Date Cover Cond. Price # Notes
UBE110 The Shore Line Electric Railway Company CERA 2007 H EX $40.00 B-139 Like New
UBE127 Faster Than the Limiteds CERA 2004 H EX $30.00 B-137 Like New
UBE131 Electric Railways of Northeastern Ohio CERA 1965 H G $25.00 B-108 DJ worn, otherwise OK
UBE132 The Lake Line CERA 2011 H EX $50.00 B-144 Like New
UBE133 Not Only Passengers CERA 1992 H EX $20.00 B-129  
UBE134 Chicago Surface Lines THP 1979 H EX $35.00   By Lind – Third Edition
UBE135 The Green Line CERA 2000 H EX $20.00 B-134 Like New
UBE136 The Last Interurbans CERA 2003 H G $30.00 B-136 By Middleton
UBE137 Cincinnati Streetcars v5 1895-1911 WCC 1971 S G $20.00   By Wagner and Wright
UBE138 TravElectric CERA 2009 H G $30.00 B-143  
UBE139 TM (The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Co.) CERA 1972 H G $35.00 B-112 Sleeve torn, otherwise OK
UBE140 How the Medal Was Won CERA 1985 H EX $10.00 B-124  
UBE141 The Colorful Streetcars We Rode CERA 1986 S G $15.00 B-125  
UBE142 Northern Indiana Railway CERA 1998 H EX $20.00 B-132  
UBE143 The Chicago & West Towns Railways CERA 2006 H EX $30.00 B-138 Like New
UBE144 Interurban to Milwaukee CERA 1962 S F $20.00 B-106 1st printing; spiral bound, cover repaired with tape
UBE145 Route of the Electroliners CERA 1963 S G $25.00 B-107 1st printing; spiral bound
UBE146 From Bullets to BART CERA 1988 H F $10.00 B-127 Sleeve torn, otherwise OK
UBE147 Illinois Traction System CERA 1954 S G $35.00 B-98 Spiral bound
UBE148 The Smaller Electric Railways of Illinois CERA 1955 S G $35.00 B-99 Spiral bound
UBE149 Electric Railways of Iowa CERA 1956 S G $35.00 B-100 Spiral bound
UBE150 Indiana Railroad CERA 1973 S G $15.00 B-91 Reprint
UBE151 The North Shore Line- 30 Years Later CERA 1985 S G $15.00    
UBE152 Gary Railways CERA 1975 S G $15.00 B-84 Reprint
UBE153 CERA Bulletins 1-19 CERA 1976 S G $15.00   Reprint
UBE154 The Red Arrow HP 1985 H G $35.00   By DeGraw
UBE155 Trolleys of Johnstown, Cambria & Somerset Counties (PA) BRTP 1991 S EX $20.00   By Rohrbeck; smaller format, spiral bound
UBE156 North Shore- America’s Fastest Interurban GW 1964 H F $10.00   A few pages are loose; otherwise OK
UBE157 Ride the Red Devils Along Nostalgic Ohio Trolley Trails TH 1971 S F $15.00   By Christiansen; small stain on cover
UBE158 North Shore Line Memories DB 1980 H EX $25.00   By Campbell

We also have a number of original Electric Railway Historical Society bulletins available:

Stock # Description Cond. Price
ERHS1 Lightweight Interurban Cars (1952) EX $23.00
ERHS4 Brill Magazine, May 1927 (1952) G $18.00
ERHS6 The Northern Indiana Railways by George K. Bradley (1953) P $10.00
ERHS8 The Hammond Whiting and East Chicago Ry. by James J. Buckley (1953) EX $23.00
ERHS13 Car Plans of the Chicago Railways Company 1911 (1954) EX $23.00
ERHS15 Brill Magazine, December 1914 (1954) EX $23.00
ERHS18 Cars of the St. Louis Car Company 1927 (1955) EX $23.00
ERHS19 The Biddeford and Saco Railroad by O. R. Cummings (1956) EX $23.00
ERHS21 Cars of the Rockford and Interurban Railway (1956) EX $23.00
ERHS24 Baldwin Westinghouse Electric Locomotives 1925 (1957) EX $23.00
ERHS26 Brill Magazine, April 1924 (1957) EX $23.00
ERHS27 Electric Railway Journal 1912 Convention Issue (1957) G $18.00
ERHS28 The Evanston Railway Co. by James J. Buckley (1958) G $18.00
ERHS30 Niles Cars 1914 (1958) G $18.00
ERHS31 Thomas Built Cars (1959) EX $23.00
ERHS33 Modern Lightweight Cars (1959) EX $23.00
ERHS34 Brill Magazine, September 1911 (1959) EX $23.00
ERHS35 The Manchester Street Railway by O. R. Cummings (1960) F $13.00
ERHS36 The Safety Car (1960) G $18.00
ERHS37 Brill Magazine, January 1917 (1961) EX $23.00
ERHS38 Car Plans of the Chicago Surface Lines (1962) EX $23.00
ERHS39 Railway Equipments and Locomotives in the Far West (1962) EX $23.00
ERHS42 The Toledo, Port Clinton and Lakeside Railway by George W. Hilton (1964) G $18.00
ERHS43 Brill Magazine, October 1912 (1964) EX $23.00
ERHS47 Light-Weight Cars (1965) EX $23.00
ERHS48 The Lee County Central Electric Railway by Philip L. Keister (1967) G $18.00

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